Now Distributing Simply Automated UPB Products

Rounding out our home automation technologies, we are now an authorized distributor for Simply Automated’s UPB product line.  To kick off the introduction there is a 15% off sale on ALL Simply Automated UPB products until Dec 31st for dealer/installers as well as retail customers.  UPB is a powerline automation technology but with a much more advanced method of communication, native 2 way support, and a MUCH stronger signal than X-10.  The look, feel and switch quality is EXCELLENT.  The switch LEDs can be programmed to display in green or blue, and you can choose if the LED on means the load is on or off, or a number of other options.  The US2 line is a single switch that can be an on/off switch, dimmer, or combination of switch/dimmer and transmitter with a selection of keypads that can be changed quickly and easily.  Simple programming can be accomplished without any software, and for more advanced programming and linking, simply purchase their CIM (computer interface module) or the timer/CIM combination product and use your PC to set up the network.  The timer supports on/off and scene control based on time of day, sunrise/sunset, vacation, or random security modes.  Very simple to set up and very flexible.  UPB has long been a favourite of installers and we’re happy to be supporting the technology in Canada for dealers and end users alike.