Smanos DIY Wireless Alarm System

Welcome to our new vendor Smanos, offering do it yourself friendly wireless alarm systems that are easy to set up, work well, and are easy on your budget.  Customers have been asking for an easy to set up and use alarm system that sends Internet based alerts and we finally have an answer.  There are two available models.

The Smanos W020 is a WIFI enabled alarm system in a small package that simply connects to power and your home’s WIFI network.  Wireless sensors provide protection, and in case of an alarm, a push notification is sent to one or more Smartphones that are running the free Smanos alarm app for iOs or Android.  The W020 can be armed and disarmed either by the smart phone app, or using a wireless keychain remote control.  The W020 has a loud built in siren and can be hidden out of the way so no-one knows it’s there until too late.

The Smanos W100 is also a wireless DIY alarm system, but with a built in LED display and touch pad for status, arming and disarming.  It has a fashionable design that lets it be placed in the kitchen or on a table, and connects to the home’s WIFI and telephone system.  If one of the wireless sensors are triggered when armed, the W100 will call up to 6 telephone numbers to announce the alarm, as well as sending a push notification to one or more Android or iOS smart phones running the Smanos app.  This dual telephone and network connectivity allow for redundant communication in case one system is out of service.

Both the W020 and W100 are available with an optional model IP6 WIFI high definition 720p camera to keep an eye on the place when no-one’s around.  The IP6 can be remotely accessed and has a microSD card slot so the user can add a microSD card for local video recording, which could be handy in case of an incident.  It also provides remote Internet based access any time just by pulling up the Smanos smart phone app on an iOS or Android device.

Take your pick, both are great systems to add some piece of mind and security for your home and family.