Smart Home Music Streamer

Looking for a great way to add music to the back yard, home office, bedroom, kitchen, basement, shop or garage?  Bluetooth speakers are OK but they have lots of quirks that make them less than ideal.   Instead, consider a music streamer.  What’s a music streamer you ask?

Our iEast  music streamers connect to passive speakers, active (amplified) speakers, a boom box or stereo system to play music.  You can put one in each room, or one inside to feed outdoor speakers.  Each streamer can play its own source, or they can be grouped together to form zones that play the same source simultaneously.

They can play Internet music sources like TuneIn, Tidal, Napster, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Internet Radio, Spotify and so on.  They can play music stored on your home NAS if it supports something called DLNA (which practically all do support).  The music streamers can also play music from your local iTunes library or even from your phone or iPad.

Control of the music happens with a free app for iOs or Android, and anyone on the same network can easily control the music.

The best part?  Since you’re not relying on Bluetooth you’re free to set the music and then you don’t have to worry about your range since the streamer is the one playing the music.  Also unlike Bluetooth, calls or notifications won’t play on your speakers to ruin the mood.

Audiocast music streamer

The M5 AudioCast is a Wifi device with a simple connection to either amplified speakers or your stereo system(s).

The M30 Stream Pro has WiFi and a wired Ethernet connection and has line out as well as a digital SPDIF output and a USB port for connecting a memory stick or hard drive.

Last but certainly not least, the AMP160 has a built in 80W x 2 class D amplifier so it can provide powered music to any set of speakers and give them a bit of punch.

All of the streamers support over the air firmware updates so they can support new features or squash bugs without having to send the device in for service.  All of these music streamers can be used on their own or grouped to share music.  Now that’s smart!