SmartThings Hub Now In Stock in Canada

We have great news for those of you looking for SmartThings in Canada!  The SmartThings Hub is now available at Aartech Canada in a sweet little bundle with a Leviton Zwave Plus wall dimmer and Zwave Plus wall switch.  Finally Canadian customers have the option to support their country and buy in Canada, saving the hassle of duties, brokerage costs and high exchange rates.  Not only that but in case of a problem, warranty is handled in Canada.

The new SmartThings V2 Hub is impressive with built in support for ZWave and Zigbee devices, not to mention IP and WiFi devices as well.  Leviton’s brand new Zwave Plus dimmers and wall switches offer extended range and instant status updates to the hub when operated locally in the room.  This way the Hub always knows the current state. The styling has also changed to a more standard Decora look and feel with true rocker action – tap the top for on, hold for brighten, tape the bottom for off, hold for dimming (bright/dim on dimmer versions only of course)

Check out the SmartThings kit here:


SmartThings set up is quite simple, relying on the iOs or Android app to get up and running as well as adding new ‘things’, creating scenes, timed events and so on.

A ‘thing’ is any new device like a wall switch, dimmer, sensor or other module you’d like to control or monitor.  A scene is a group of devices that you’d like to operate together.  Create events like ‘Bed time’ to automatically turn off the lights, lock the door and whatever else you can dream up.

In addition to supporting a multitude of Zwave and Zigbee devices, SmartThings plays nice with other products like Bose, Honeywell, Alexa, Google Home, Ring, Arlo, Philips Hue, Econet vents, Yale and Weiser (Kwikset).

Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home will allow users to control their ‘things’ by voice as well as the standard iOs and Android apps for even more convenience.  We’re hoping both Amazon and Google bring these devices to Canada this year.

As always we’re proudly Canadian and looking forward to serving  you!