SmartThings Integration Ring Video Doorbell

Integrate SmartThings with the Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Doorbell Pro to create automation events when Ring’s motion sensor is activated or someone presses Ring’s doorbell button.  As an example you can turn on a light or lights automatically when someone approaches your front door.  Let’s talk about SmartThings integration with Ring Video Doorbell.

SmartThings with Ring
SmartThings with Ring

SmartThings is a powerful and cost effective home automation hub that supports Zwave, Zigbee and many IP devices for monitoring, control and scheduling.

The Ring Doorbell and Ring Pro enhance convenience and security by letting you answer the door from inside the house or across the world using your smart phone or tablet over the Internet.  You can also get push notifications automatically when someone approaches.

While it’s a great intercom & security product on its own, until somewhat recently Ring did not offer much in the way of integration. But Ring has been working with other manufacturers to tie their doorbell in to other systems.

Now SmartThings and Ring can be combined!  How does it work?  The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Set up your Ring account and Ring Doorbell
  2. In the SmartThings app, go to Marketplace and under Things tap Doorbells
  3. Find your Ring device and hit connect now
  4. Enter your Ring details & authorize the connection

SmartThings Marketplace Things

Then to add some smarts:

  1. In the SmartThings app, go to Marketplace and find SmartApps
  2. Tape Lights & Switches and install ‘Smart Lights’
  3. Select the new smart app and follow the directions

SmartThings Marketplace Smartapps

In following with the keep it simple tradition for both Ring and Smartthings, it’s that easy to set up some integration between devices.   Now you can go have some fun!

For more information see this article at SmartThings: