Stelpro Maestro Cloud and Zigbee Thermostat

We’re now stocking the new Stelpro Maestro Smart electric heat thermostats!  These beautiful touch screen thermostats work with 240V baseboards, fan heaters and convectors to save energy and provide optimal comfort.

The SMC402 Maestro Controller Thermostat uses Stelpro’s free cloud service and iOs or Android apps.  See thermostat settings, change set points and set up schedules all from your smart device at home or away.  Expand the system by adding as many Maestro SMT402 thermostats as you need and group them in to zones for easy control.

The SMT402 can also be used with most Zigbee HA enabled home automation systems for integration applications.

The apps and cloud system supports custom schedules as well as geofencing.  Geofencing allows the thermostat to automatically turn turn down the heat when you leave home and turn it back up when come home to save energy when the house or cottage is unoccupied.

When used with the Maestro cloud service, thermostats will use outdoor temperature information to anticipate when to turn on so the room(s) get to the right temperature exactly on schedule, not 15 or 20 minutes later!  The outdoor temperature is also displayed on the thermostat.

Forgot to close a window?  You’ll get an alert on our smart phone to let you know there’s a problem – and the system will automatically turn heating down to a minimal value to save energy.

Electric heat users can finally have the smart thermostats of their dreams and save money while enjoying their new found convenience.