VERA – What Alerts Are Available From Zwave Locks?

With VERALITE or VERA3 as your home automation controller and a compatible ZWave Door Lock, it’s possible to control the lock, add/remove PIN codes remotely (via computer web browser), and also receive automatic alerts.  What sort of lock events can trigger an alert?  Check it out:

VERA Zwave Lock Alerts
VERA selection window showing possible alerts


The options:

  1. Door Locked / Unlocked
  2. BAD PIN code entered – someone either messed up their code or is trying random codes?
  3. a PIN code is entered – you can choose from any of your valid PIN codes and get an alert when a specific person unlocks the door based on their PIN code
  4. Lock Button Is Pressed
  5. Lock Fails To Operate – perfect in case you are automating routines – something went wrong
  6. User Code Entered Outside Of Date – good for service people who may be trying to get in off-hours
  7. Low battery – better replace soon
  8. Very Low Battery – Do It Now!
  9. Battery Level Goes Below – more fine control of WHEN you want to be notified about the battery
  10. A Code Was Changed From The Lock Keypad – unless you did this yourself – this is BAD.


In addition to alerts and remote control you can also use VERA to link your lock to several different alarm systems.  We’d be happy to show you how!