Vivotek Network Cameras at Aartech Canada

We’re now offering the full line of Vivotek Network cameras and NVRs.  Vivotek offers a great selection of high quality network cameras with name brand quality and technical support.  Their cameras include FREE 32 camera recording and management software, or you can add a Vivotek NVR for a hardware non-windows solution.  The Vivotek brand is also well supported by most NVR manufacturers and software developers, and most models are also ONVIF compliant making it easier to mix and match IP brands.  That being said we do recommend that you consider keeping all cameras from the same manufacturer for ease of troubleshooting and support.  Vivotek NVRs also enable additional features that may not be supported by other NVR brands.

Please do let us know if you have any questions or comments on the line and we’ll be pleased to assist!