New Vendor – Wayne-Dalton Z-Wave

We’re pleased to announce that AARtech has signed on as a distributor of Wayne-Dalton products.  Wayne-Dalton has put a tremendous amount of R&D in to the ZWave and in addition to light switches and plug-in modules they have a very good ZWave thermostat and have developed some unique products to augment their line.

I really like their wireless gateway which can be installed at a garage door or front entrance and can control 3 ZWave scenes and also receives wireless signals from a keychain remote or PIN keypad remote.  The PIN keypad remote also can be programmed to control a Wayne-Dalton garage door opener directly or with the addition of the garage door conversion module it can control any garage door opener.

Wayne-Dalton also has a nice universal remote with ZWave control which is a great way to reduce clutter on the coffee table while providing convenient control of ZWave lights and scenes.

Overall this is a great addition to our ZWave line-up which has seen growing interest and many successful installs.  We expect to see some new products from them in the new year as well that will be worth waiting for.