WIFI Camera Reliability Depends On Your WIFI Infrastructure

Normally we use WIFI for devices like smart phones or laptops, and if there is a momentary glitch in connection, it goes without being noticed.  But with a WIFI camera we tend to be streaming video which is bandwidth intensive on the local network, at least while we are watching or recording using an NVR.   Any instability can cause loss of connection and it may take a short time to reconnect.  Also WIFI signal can vary greatly from place to place and even only a few feet can make a big difference in WIFI quality.

So that being said it is very important to have a good, strong, stable WIFI signal to operate a video camera.  You can download an app for most smart phones, search for the term WIFI analyzer.  Place the phone EXACTLY where the camera will be mounted to see if the signal is strong and stable.  If it is not full strength you may need to either reposition your router, get one with a stronger signal (commercial quality access points are way more stable and strong), or get a repeater to boost your WIFI signal.  Keep in mind that every wall and obstruction will lower signal strength.  Brick and concrete reduces signal signicantly.  Metal objects (your big fridge, duct work, metal siding) will completely reflect WIFI and any other wireless signal so care is needed.

If you can’t run a wire, WIFI is a valid option but it’s important to make sure the signal is solid!