WIFI Thermostat

Wish you could check on your home, business or cottage heat when you’re away?  Or be notified if the temperature drops too low?  Save energy and money by taking complete control of your HVAC system.   If your place has a WIFI network and Internet access, you can add a WIFI thermostat to enable monitoring, settings and scheduling from anywhere in the world with a browser, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.  You’ll be able to turn the heat (or air) up or down as you’re on the way home or to the cottage or of you’re away on vacation.  Turn the heat/air on or off or change thermostat schedules from your phone or a browser.  You’ll also be able to check the temperature from anywhere as long as you have network access.  This WIFI thermostats are a great solution for controlling the heat/air at home, the cottage, the office, or a vacation property.  WIFI thermostats are also perfect for rental properties.

The CI300E-WIFI is affordably priced and features a touch screen LCD display with support from Radio Thermostat for set up, as well as scheduling wizards to help set up thermostat daily or weekly schedules.  It can be operated and set up locally at the thermostat or remotely using a simple browser depending on your preference.   It even lets you know how much you can be saving by turning down the heating and air conditioning.

The T5800 from Venstar has a colour touch screen LCD display that doubles as a photo frame.  Just load some pictures on to the SD card.  And you can choose from a variety of themese including holiday themes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.  There are over 12 themes to choose from.  It can report on energy usage, and can be locked out with a security code.  You can enable WIFI connection by adding the Skyport module.  With Skyport installed you enable similar iPhone and Android control as well as more advanced features like alerts based on system events, or hi/low temperature warnings.  You can even send a text message to it from your phone to set up reminders or leave  a message for the family.

If you’re looking to take control of your heating and/or air conditioning system without setting up a full home automation environment, a WIFI thermostat may be just what you’re looking for.