X10 Icon Remote RF and Socialite Remote

We think we may have run across the best bang for the buck in a universal remote.  The  Icon Remote from X10 is the Swiss Army Knife of remotes.  It can control ALL of your AV equipment with its HUGE IR code database.   But unlike other universal remotes, you don’t need to look up IR code tables to set it up.  Just use the on-screen wizard and you’re done in minutes.  No computer required either, unlike Harmony remotes.

The Icon remote lets you surf your favourite channels by using easy to recognize TV station logos displayed on its colour LCD screen – no more channel numbers to remember.  Plus it has a HIS and HERS button that switches the favourite stations so that whoever is using the remote gets to have their top stations at hand.

Easier and faster to set up than a Harmony remote, way less expensive, plus it controls X10 devices too!  Add the XRay add-on and it can control AV equipment behind cabinet or closet doors.

X10 also just released the new Socialite remote.  This is a re-programmed Icon remote that adds the ability to press a button on the remote and update your Facebook and/or Twitter page so your friends know what you’re watching.  You can even rate the show – all from the remote?  The Socialite bundle includes X10’s Socialite software and computer interface.  What a unique idea!