X10 Out Of Business and Reborn – Again

X10’s manufacturing division went out of business a few times in the last several years, and X10.com finally did the same in 2013 which means that X10 or X10 Pro as it was known no longer exists  The x10.com site is registered to a company called Authinx Inc who is ‘carrying on’ the name in some fashion and we believe some of the employees are now affiliated with X10.com or the Pro site.

Like most distributors and manufacturers (eg Leviton), we started moving away from selling X10 product a few years ago as they became less available, and less reliable in today’s environment and we have moved on to Insteon, UPB and Zwave moving forwards.   We will no longer be selling X10 branded equipment other than what is left on clearance on our site.

It’s time to move on but we do have alternatives to consider if you need to replace pieces or build on an X10 installaiton however.

The Insteon Hub is an automation controller/scheduler that can support X10 and Insteon devices.  It’s network based and can be programmed and controlled by a Smart Phone or web browser for remote control or timed/scheduled events.  The ISY994 is a more advanced version supporting conditional logic, weather and alarm integration, etc.

Most wired Insteon wired receiver devices (switches, plug-in modules, inline modules) can be programmed with an X10 address to be used in an X10 environment but with the advantage of a nicer look & feel and an upgrade path to Insteon. (Note: X10 wireless and Insteon wireless are not directly compatible).

Some of our customers have been moving towards Z-Wave and in this case we recommend VERALITE with the 2413U interface for basic X10 support and with the advantage of having support for Zwave lights, locks, thermostats, etc.

As time moves on, we all continue to adapt and improve don’t we?  At least we hope.