XBMC Integration with INSTEON and ISY99

There is a great little plug-in for XBMC media centre that communicates with an ISY99 or ISY994 series automation controller,  to control INSTEON devices.  The ISY browser as they call it will let one manually control lights or appliances, scenes or programs.  But the cool feature is the ISY service plug-in that can automatically trigger INSTEON devices.  So for example when a video/TV show/Movie starts to play, the lights can go off or dim, when pause is pressed the lights can come up to 30% and when stop is pressed the lights can go on full.

XBMC trigger events include:

XBMC Starting or Quitting
Movie Playing, Paused, Resumed, Ended
Music Playing, Paused, Resumed, Ended

XBMC software is fabulous and runs on android devices, Windows, Linux, iOS, OSX on PC’s, Macs, Raspberry PI, set top boxes and XBOX and it’s totally FREE!  The ISY events plug-in can be downloaded directly from within XBMC or the author’s site.