Zipato Zipatile Security and Automation System with Zwave and Zigbee

We just received our shipment of the new Zipato Zipatile all-in-one touch screen home automation and security system.  Features include a built in high-definition security camera, plus a motion sensor, light sensor, humidity sensor, shock sensor and temperature sensor. The motion sensor and camera provide out of the box security system functionality that can be armed, disarmed and self monitored remotely over an Internet connection.   Users can check in on the built-in camera any time to make sure everything is okay.

Zipatile is so much more than a basic system however, with on board interfaces for Zwave and Zwave Plus, Zigbee HA and Bluetooth devices.  Plus it supports WIFI and IP devices like Sonos and NEST thermostats.  Users can add Zwave or Zigbee door, window and motion sensors to add additional security zones to the system and these sensors can also double as automation triggers to turn on lights or run programs when a sensor is tripped.

Sensors can also be used to set up a Eldercare monitoring system that looks for motion or lack of motion or sensor activity.  Family can be alerted by email or SMS in case of a problem.

The on board temperature sensor and support for Zwave or NEST thermostats allow for heating and cooling integration.  Add a Zwave door lock and you’ll be able to remotely check the lock status, lock and unlock the door from anywhere and get an alert when family comes home or if someone tries to tamper with the lock.

Zipatile runs Android under the hood and can be wall mounted or used on a desktop.  Multiple Zipatile units can be used to add room to room intercom functionality and support for DoorBird is underway for a front door Intercom solution.  Note that using multiple units is called clustering and requires each Zipatile to be upgraded to Pro for USD$99 one time via the Zipatile user portal.

Zipatile is available in BLACK and WHITE versions and promises to be a great solution for home security and automation in one sleek looking display!