Aartech Canada is now distributing Inovelli ZWave devices in Canada. Inovelli is designed with the user in mind. They go to great lengths to bake user requested features in to each device they build. The result is a product that works just the way you want it!

Inovelli ZWave

Inovelli ZWave dimmers can be installed with or without a neutral wire connection. Inovelli ZWave switches require a neutral wire. Both can be used in 3 way or 4 way installations using only a simple “dumb” switch, or your choice of GE/Jasco or Homeseer remote switches.

There are two series of products, Black Series and Red Series. Black Series switches and dimmers are compatible with any ZWave certified smart hub, or similar hubs. A huge range of colour change kits let them fit in to any room’s style.

Inovelli Red Series are best paired with compatible ZWave smart hubs. They add additional functionality like energy monitoring. They also support 11 different scene control function like double tap, triple tap, set button tap and more.

Red series also have a built in RGB notification function that can be controlled by the smart hub. Turn the notification LED red when the hub shows the alarm is armed. Or turn the lights blue at night to tell the kids it’s bed time. Flash the indicator when the garage door is left open. Use your imagination!

Inovelli ZWave Fan+Light Switch

Inovelli’s Fan+Light Switch lets you control a ceiling fan’s light and fan separately from a single switch. It has a two button switch that is installed in the wall, and a wireless module that is installed at the fan. Control the fan and light from the switch or using your smart hub.

Check out at Aartech Canada here. Stay tuned for more Inovelli devices like LED strips!