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New Building and Renovation Requires Smoke Detectors With Strobes

As of January 2015, Ontario requires the installation of smoke detectors accompanied by a strobe for visual signalling.  Generally speaking smoke detectors are required on each floor, in each sleeping room and in any hall outside sleeping areas.  This is becoming adopted in other jurisdictions and in some cases combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

FutureShop Closing All Stores In Canada

In a surprise press release this morning, FutureShop has announced that it is immediately closing all of its stores across Canada.  The web site is also no longer taking orders.  FutureShop is owned by Best Buy and as noted in their press release, 66 FutureShop stores and will be closing permanently and immediately. 

Peel Region Police Implement False Alarm Fees

Peel Region Police are the latest to come on board with a False Alarm Reduction and Prevention Strategy.  AKA false alarm penalty.  First strike, $160 fine billed to the central monitoring station responsible for dispatching the alarm, and no more police response for 1 year.  Subsequent violations are $160 each.  Does your alarm monitoring company