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Hikvision Canada Authorized Platinum Partner

We’re proud to announce that as of Januay 2019 Aartech Canada is a Hikvision Canada authorized Platinum partner. It’s critically important to purchase Hikvision product from an authorized source in order to ensure you receive technical support, warranty support and firmware updates. Unfortunately as a result of Hikvision’s popularity there are many sellers who are

Dragon Tech Zwave Switches Now Branded Zwave Products

Good news!  Dragon Tech Zwave wall switches and dimmers are back in stock, now under the Zwaveproducts brand.  Zwaveproducts has taken over the Dragon Tech brand for North America. Dragon Tech Zwave wall dimmers and switches have been very popular with their low price point and Zwave plus features including 2 way status feedback. 

Do Home Automation Hubs Require Internet?

There are a number of automaton controllers supporting technologies including Insteon, Zwave and Zigbee, and a number of different popular home automation controllers.   While it makes sense that an Internet connection can be used for remote control, email or SMS alerts, many automation controllers require Internet access for much more.  We can break this

New Zwave Baseboard Inline Thermostat

Stelpro has introduced the first Zwave Baseboard Thermostat supporting 120V and 240V baseboard heating.  Zwave automation fans finally have a solution for baseboard control without using low voltage thermostats, relays and power supplies.  The Stelpro inline baseboard thermostat replaces the standard wall thermostat or can be used in a new installation.

Ring WIFI Doorbell

The Ring WIFI Doorbell is now available in multiple colours to suit your taste.  Ring uses WIFI to connect to your home Internet connection and sends a notification to your iOs or Android device(s) when someone comes to the door.  You can choose to get an alert only when they press the doorbell button, or

Foscam NVR Back In Stock

The Foscam NVR is now back in stock for those who missed the last shipment!  You can record up to 4 Foscam IP cameras to this inexpensive stand alone recorder rather than using software and running a PC full time, with features like motion sensed recording, email alerts on motion.