It’s Patio Season…Light Up Your Backyard for Summer 2021

As we move into the warmer weather, it’s time to open the pool, set up the bbq, and ready up the patio. Here at Aartech, we’re big fans of making the best of the summer heat while it lasts, but we’re also all about simplicity. Here are some small products that make a big impact for your patio and backyard this summer.

Colour Changing Cafe Lights for Late Nights Outside

What better way to spruce up your patio this summer than with some colourful mood lighting? The Enbrighten Seasons Vintage LED Cafe Lights offer soft and chic lighting, for a warm and rustic look. These lights offer up to 16 different colours and 120 combinations choose from, and can be dimmed, or put on a timer. Just use the handy remote to select your brightness, colours and combos or set the 2 or 4 hour timer.

Not only do these cafe lights offer tons of aesthetic appeal, but they are also incredibly cost-effective. These stylish lights reduce energy consumption by 95% without impacting light quality, so you can have all the style and save money too. The bulbs are made of acrylic, making them durable and impact-resistant. To top it off, the bulbs last a lifetime, you won’t ever have to worry about changing them, but if needed these cafe lights come with a lifetime warranty.

WiFi Colour Changing Cafe Lights – Manage lights through your phone

Like the idea of the coloured cafe lights listed above, but you’re not sure about the remote option? Don’t worry, we also carry a WiFI version. With these cafe lights, you get all the perks written above, but you program the lights through an app on your smarthpone, rather than using the remote. All of the options, and a different form of convenience.

Landscape Lights to Brighten Pathways and Gardens

Add some soft lighting to your yard or garden with Enbrighten’s LED outdoor mini landscape lights. These lights are a stylish and effective way to light up pathways, garden features, flower beds, decks and more – with multiple mounting options, they can be added wherever you want where you want to add a little something extra.

Thanks to a wireless remote, these puck lights have 16 colour options and 3 selectable white colour temperature selections to choose from. With a tap on the remote, you can set up 120 different colour options and preset effect modes such as fade, strong and dimming on 2 and 4 hour timers.

As an added bonus, these lights are very durable and weatherproof. Even better, they significantly reduce energy usage and the bulbs last a lifetime – you’ll only have to think about what colour you’re going to use, and not about needing to change the bulbs.