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Canada Post Shipping Resumed

While our main courier has traditionally been UPS, some clients require Canada Post delivery for convenience, due to a PO box address, etc.  With the Canada Post strike looming we had suspended the Canada Post shipping option.  Today, Canada Post and the union have announced a 30 day cooling off period so we can confidently Forums

Newly launched site aims to be a place for Canadians (and anyone who likes them) to talk about everything tech – from automation to security to cell phones.  It’s a blank slate waiting to be used!  As for help from fellow techs, hang out and chat, and pro installers can request access to a

Canadian Dollar Getting Weaker

Sadly the Canadian dollar compared to $USD has been taking a nosedive and as of the time or writing, a purchase on Visa or Paypal is going to cost 1.14-1.15 what you see on any American sites.   Yes ours is priced in $CDN and with free or cheap flat rate shipping and local Canadian returns

Concerned About Heartbleed?

Without getting overly technical, for those who who have heard about the ‘heartbleed’ bug, our site is NOT running a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.  As a precaution we have replaced our SSL security certificate.  We use an EVSSL which is more secure as the issuer actually has to verify our business information before they will

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all of our friends,family, and of course our fabulous customers, a Very Happy New Year!  Have fun and drive safe.  We’re extending our Boxing week sale until end of day Jan 2nd to give those who were away on vacation a chance to participate in the hot deals.   See you

Web Site Upgrade Launched!

We’ve been in business for over 10 years now and our web site engine was in need of an overhaul, so we have just launched Aartech 2.0 to server you better!  Please note that your USERID and PASSWORD were NOT carried over.  Your userid is now the email address we have on file, and please