No power, Internet, or WiFi? There’s a security camera for that

Have you been looking for a surveillance option for a remote area that doesn’t require power, Internet, or Wifi? Introducing the solar-powered Vosker V150, a new security camera to help you watch over your cottage, campsite, job site, or any other remote area without relying on traditional methods.

The Vosker V150 outdoor cellular security camera lets you set up surveillance virtually anywhere. It’s a great wireless option for remote areas and doesn’t require any power, Internet or Wifi because it is 100% solar powered.

It features a built-in solar power panel and battery and uses LTE to send alerts and snapshots to your connected smart device when motion is sensed. The included SIM card connects to a cloud service using LTE cellular. With the built-in motion sensor, the camera can detect when someone is in range and will send you an alert and a snapshot of the scene that you can review.

There is a variety of Vosker plan options for you to choose from, ranging from a low $9 to $18 a month so you can choose which option works the best for you and your security needs. A Vosker plan is needed for this camera.

AI Human and Vehicle Detection

If you’ve experienced motion detection from a security camera before, you’re probably over all the alerts for spiders and birds flying by. You don’t need to worry about that with Vosker AI Sense built in to the camera and cloud plan. You can set the system to alert you ONLY if it detects a vehicle or human. Your camera will no longer “cry wolf” with this AI technology.

V150 perks include:

  • Outdoor portable wireless security camera
  • Built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery
  • LTE cellular connectivity (no Internet/WiFi required)
  • Motion-activated alerts to your smartphone
  • Up to 90-foot detection
  • Up to 80 foot IR night vision
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • Local photo backup to microSD card (16 GB card included)
  • Vosker Sense AI image recognition
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 7-day free “Elite” plan trial.

To learn more specifics about this great wireless security camera, check out our website.

Looking for more?

Looking for added protection for this Wireless LTE camera? The V-SBOX2 Metal Security Box provides extra protection to the V150 camera for added theft and vandalism prevention, and weather resistance to the elements. As a plus, the case is made with heavy-duty steel and features holes in the front, back, and sides for easy anchoring and lock installation.