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INSTEON Dual Band OutletLinc Dimmer In Stock

The new INSTEON dual band OutletLinc with built-in dimmer is now in stock.  No more plug-in lamp modules.  This receptacle has a built-in 300W dimmer for plug-in lights and both outlets are tamper resistant.  As a dual band product it communicates with both powerline and RF signals and can be directly controlled with a wireless

2477DH Dual Band 1000W INSTEON Dimmer

Smartlabs has released the 2477DH Dual Band INSTEON 1000W Dimmer.  Stock will be here by Wednesday.  Dual band products include a wireless RF access point on board so they can directly receive both powerline based and RF based INSTEON signals and they also act as repeaters and phase couplers.

New 2477D INSTEON Dual Band Dimmers

Smarthome has announced a new 2477D Dual Band INSTEON dimmer supporting both powerline based AND RF wireless communication.  The RF support means the dimmer functions as a wireless access point.  It will repeat both wired and wireless INSTEON commands and serves to further strengthen the network.  Put some of these in your house and do