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New Building and Renovation Requires Smoke Detectors With Strobes

As of January 2015, Ontario requires the installation of smoke detectors accompanied by a strobe for visual signalling.  Generally speaking smoke detectors are required on each floor, in each sleeping room and in any hall outside sleeping areas.  This is becoming adopted in other jurisdictions and in some cases combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Save Lives

Yet another story in the news about carbon monoxide yet people seem to be OK to spend more on coffee and cigarettes than smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.   We have smoke detectors for less than $10 so you can put them in every room if you want!  Let’s keep everyone safe out there!

AARtech Canada To Distribute First Alert ONELINK

We’re pleased to be carrying the brand new First Alert ONELINK wireless smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Traditionally, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms will sound the alarm in case of danger, but only the detector that senses trouble would sound.  The problem is that if the detector in the basement goes off, the