Insteon LED Smart Bulb

We just received stock of the brand new Insteon enabled Smart LED bulb.  This smart bulb is an 8W LED bulb designed to screw in to a standard light socket and offer a light output similar to a 60W incandescent light bulb.  As a bulb, it’s one of the few LED bulbs that can be dimmed.  But what’s exciting about this new product is that the Insteon LED Smart Bulb is a really bright idea (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Built-in dual band Insteon technology means it can be controlled by any Insteon wired or wireless controller including in-wall keypads, hand held remotes, motion sensors and automation control systems.  Just screw in the bulb and it will automatically go in to link mode.  Link your controller to the bulb and that’s it!  These are perfect for table and floor lamps, as well as closets or anywhere you need light control and can’t or don’t want to rewire or replace your light switches.  The Insteon smart bulb has an adjustable default on-level and ramp rate which means you can set whether it turns on immediately or ramps from zero to your favourite level gradually, and at what speed (intelligent controller or Insteon software required for advanced set-up).