Hikvision Canada Authorized Platinum Partner

We’re proud to announce that as of Januay 2019 Aartech Canada is a Hikvision Canada authorized Platinum partner. It’s critically important to purchase Hikvision product from an authorized source in order to ensure you receive technical support, warranty support and firmware updates.

Hikvision Canada Authorized Platinum Partner

Unfortunately as a result of Hikvision’s popularity there are many sellers who are offering OEM product, gray market product (from USA or other countries) or in some cases potentially fraudulent (knock off) product from unknown sources overseas. In particular these products are showing up on auction and marketplace sites.

We sell only original name brand Hikvision product purchased from Canada.

Plus we offer technical support and will even handle warranty processing if needed during the manufacturer’s warranty – not just the first 30 days! Of course final warranty determination (and liability) is always with the manufacturer – and since this is Canadian product you will be supported by Hikvision Canada as well as Aartech.

We thank our customers for the great support that has allowed us to achieve platinum partner status. We are here to serve you!